“Three’s A Crowd” – A Script for a Proposed Fourth Season Episode of Jimmy Neutron

Two months ago, I guest starred on a podcast called The Beanholes.  This podcast discussed the attempted fourth season revival for Jimmy Neutron that I spearheaded.  Excerpts from two of the four scripts I helped write were previously posted on this blog, but for the first time a complete script is now available for the public to read.

The script that is posted is for the episode entitled “Three’s a Crowd.”  The primary focus of this episode is Cindy Vortex getting trapped in Jimmy’s lab with her rival, Betty Quinlan.  In order to escape, Cindy must come to grips with the real reason she detests Betty so.  Meanwhile, Carl leads the boys across town to recruit new members for the Llama Love Society.

The first draft of this script was beautifully penned by Saundra (I still attest that her first draft was the best of the four we wrote).  Edward, Saundra, and myself polished the script together over multiple editing sessions.  This script was also looked over and given a seal approval from Mike Gasaway, one of the directors for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

The full script is posted here.  Please feel absolutely free to comment on whatever you did or didn’t like.  If you do approve of this work, please share it with any other Jimmy Neutron or Nickelodeon fans you know!



The Beanholes – A Podcast About the Proposed Fourth Season of Jimmy Neutron

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest on a Podcast called The Beanholes.  The two guys who run this podcast, Eric and Nate, dissect a new movie or TV show each week.  After stumbling across my blog post about the proposed fourth season of Jimmy Neutron that I worked on, they wanted to talk about my journey.  So along with my writing partner Ed (who also worked on that proposed fourth season with me), I partook in the podcast.

In this podcast we discuss what about Jimmy Neutron sparked the desire to revive it, what exactly we worked on over that year, and what we learned from our efforts.

The podcast is linked here.  Please let me know what you think!



Script Excerpts from Officially Proposed 4th Season of Jimmy Neutron

Last week, the internet went berserk over an announcement that Nickelodeon was considering reviving several of its 90s Nicktoons.  Such Nicktoons they’ve reportedly considered reviving are Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and Angry Beavers.  Some have reported that these and other Nicktoons will come together in an “Avengers Style” movie.  Of course, this information is all still new.  Facts are few and rumors are racing through the community.

These shows are all of course classics and worthy of new life (as long as they are given as much care and effort that their previous incarnations received).  Yet for me and tens of thousands of others, there’s one show we are deeply saddened to not see on this list.  That, of course, would be The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

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