Divergence (Part 2)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the second part of a two-chapter Jimmy Neutron fanfic.  Part I can be found HERE.

“Serva ma, servabo te.” (“Save me and I will save you.”)

Petronius Arbiter

“Gas planets,” James groaned as the mocking screech of Lindbergh Elementary’s bell pierced his ears. He deactivated his jetpack and awkwardly fell to the ground; his first steps landed him ankle-deep in a puddle. Jimmy narrowed his eyes but otherwise ignored the unpleasant sensation while dashing through the school’s double doors. Cindy bursting out of the library sent him sliding to a halt; he avoided a collision by the curl of his hair.

It only took a second after pulling back in shock for Cindy to wryly snap, “Late again, huh Neutron?” She set off towards Ms. Fowl’s class at a brisk pace, and Jimmy rolled his eyes while falling in step beside her.

“And what’s your excuse for dashing to class, Vortex?” Continue reading Divergence (Part 2)


“Trading Lives” – A New Jimmy / Cindy Fanfic

It’s been over eight months since I wrote a Jimmy Neutron fanfic.  I thought I’d left that part of my life behind me, but it’s not the first time I’ve been pulled back into the fandom by a story I’ve been itching to write.  For about a month I’ve had an idea for a story that explored the episode Trading Faces in a different light – what if Jimmy and Cindy had formed their truce right away instead of ruining each other’s lives first?  I needed a break from worrying about the NAVLE, so for the past week I’ve been working on this story.  I hope to get the last chapter up within a few days.

The first chapter is posted below, but the whole thing can be read here.  I hope you enjoy and please, (pretty please) feel absolutely free to let me know what you think.  I always love getting reviews and criticism.

As Jimmy Neutron stormed into Ms. Fowl’s classroom and reluctantly took the empty seat to Libby’s right, he could only focus on five words. The one simple phrase they composed had been shouted in a shrill shriek by Cindy not a half hour before. Then fix this, you idiot!

Jimmy scoffed at the audacity of that remark. How could she call him an idiot, when he had single-handedly, albeit accidentally, proven that mind transplantation was possible? As if that weren’t enough, there was the unspoken sentiment behind that terse diatribe; the idea that this was all Jimmy’s fault. Now that was utterly laughable. Continue reading “Trading Lives” – A New Jimmy / Cindy Fanfic

Fireflies – A Jimmy Neutron & Cindy Vortex Fanfic

I promise I won’t turn this blog into a mere string of my old fanfics, but I thought I would post my favorite one-shot that I wrote here.  I consider this story, along with A Trip to Loch Ness, to be the most “realistic” Jimmy Neutron fanfics I wrote.  That is, I can most easily consider them to be actual episodes of the show.  This was my first experimentation with a looser, more free-flowing story that relied heavily on long dialogue that naturally spilled out of me while I wrote.  

One other quick note: this was written before I learned the valuable lesson that characters shouldn’t say each other’s names every other sentence during dialogue.  That was probably the easiest to use and most helpful writing tip I’ve ever gotten.

That’s enough blabbing, you can read more about my thoughts on this story (and my other fanfics) here.  All of my other fanfics are also available here.  I would love to hear any feedback on this story (or any of my others), so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question below.  Thanks for checking this out!

Cynthia Vortex did not break. She could not remember the last time she had cried or even come close to doing so. But as she sat on her bed with her parents standing before her, their most painful words racing around inside her head, she knew that she was now fighting the inevitable.

“Honey, we’re sorry, but we’re getting a divorce.” Continue reading Fireflies – A Jimmy Neutron & Cindy Vortex Fanfic