Divergence (Part 2)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the second part of a two-chapter Jimmy Neutron fanfic.  Part I can be found HERE.

“Serva ma, servabo te.” (“Save me and I will save you.”)

Petronius Arbiter

“Gas planets,” James groaned as the mocking screech of Lindbergh Elementary’s bell pierced his ears. He deactivated his jetpack and awkwardly fell to the ground; his first steps landed him ankle-deep in a puddle. Jimmy narrowed his eyes but otherwise ignored the unpleasant sensation while dashing through the school’s double doors. Cindy bursting out of the library sent him sliding to a halt; he avoided a collision by the curl of his hair.

It only took a second after pulling back in shock for Cindy to wryly snap, “Late again, huh Neutron?” She set off towards Ms. Fowl’s class at a brisk pace, and Jimmy rolled his eyes while falling in step beside her.

“And what’s your excuse for dashing to class, Vortex?” Continue reading Divergence (Part 2)


Divergence (Part 1) – A New Jimmy Neutron Fanfic

“And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Fingers interlocked, James and Cynthia strolled down the moonlit street. Even after all Cindy had been through that night, after discovering that her parents were getting divorced and wondering if she might be forced to move, nothing but joy shone in her eyes.

For James, however, peaceful thoughts were fading with each new step. He knew that it was time to take yet another plunge – to ensure that he and Cindy never lost the progress they had just made. It was time for one last admission. “Cindy?” he shakily asked.


He steeled his resolve and squeezed her hand tight. “No matter what happens, just never doubt how much you mean to me.”

They both froze, and James stared deep into Cindy’s eyes. Shock gave way to fear, which morphed into steadfast resolve as she tenderly asked, “Neutron?”

Jimmy swallowed hard at the new fire swirling in her pupils. This wasn’t the usual licks of rage – something else seemed to be smoldering inside her. It chilled him to his core, but it seemed to beckon him. Cindy delicately placed her free hand on his shoulder and leaned her head an inch closer to his. “Vortex?” he shakily whispered. Continue reading Divergence (Part 1) – A New Jimmy Neutron Fanfic

On All My Fanfics (Part III)

All good things must come to an end.  This is the final post in my three-part series that discusses all of my Jimmy Neutron fanfiction stories.  I have to warn you all, there’s about to be a huge tonal shift in this last post.

hooky 3

Even bigger than when Hooky shifted from romantic comedy to a war against terrorists.

In Part I, you saw me quiver with rage as I looked over my worst and earliest stuff.

In Part II, you watched me spot some glimmers of talent in my fanfic cesspool, but still be mostly disgusted with myself.

Now, you’re going to read about my last nine stories; the ones that I actually like.  The first two (Stealing My Heart The Final Battle) were before my five year-hiatus.  This means that my general writing skills weren’t up to par and they have plenty of flaws, which I’ll discuss below.  But after that?  The final seven stories reflect my current writing ability.  It’s true that these stories didn’t have thorough editing passes, but they still pretty much showcase the level I’m at right now. Continue reading On All My Fanfics (Part III)

On All My Fanfics (Part II)

I’m back, and I’m delving into my next set of fanfiction stories.  I brought alcohol this time.


It’s the only way I’m getting through this.

In case you missed it, I’m going through all my Jimmy Neutron fanfics in chronological order.  I went through my first twelve stories last time, and I want to get through the end of the first stage in my fanfiction career in this post (that’s when I stopped consistently sucking, basically).  I want to stress again that I wrote these things when I was 14 and 15 years old, so that’s why most of them are crap.  With that said, let’s just jump back into this. Continue reading On All My Fanfics (Part II)

On All My Fanfics (Part I)

You know that old adage, “Write for you, not for anyone else?” Well this post is taking that concept and ramping it up to 11.  I’ve written before, numerous times, about how much Jimmy Neutron means to me and why I began my writing career with dozens of Jimmy Neutron fanfiction stories.  I’ve hinted at my previous works, but never explained them in depth.  That all changes today.

I am going to go over every single one of my Jimmy Neutron stories, from the ones I love to those I completely regret.  I’ll go in chronological order, starting all the way back in July 2005.  I’ll show my favorite moment from each story (or in some cases, the absolute worst), go over what I wanted to accomplish with each piece, what it taught me, and just whatever else I can remember about it.

I often look over my favorite fanfics when I want to read something for a few moments, but some of these I haven’t really looked through in years.  So prepare to get my honest appraisal of all my works.  I truly, truly hope that this post is interesting to whoever reads it.  I’ll do my best to at least ramp up the humor in this post while keeping it honest; I can at least give my readers that.

Moving Day

Written on July 13, 2005

moving day Continue reading On All My Fanfics (Part I)

On Getting My Stuff Together

I’m tired.


Something sarcastic…The Happening’s bad…meh.

More specifically, I’m tired of working 55 hour weeks in the hospital, knowing that I have a ton of other stuff to do, and having no energy to do all of it.  When I get home between 6 and 7 at night on weekdays, I just want to screw around on Reddit for an hour and then go to sleep.  I keep saying I’ll do all the things on Saturday and Sunday, but on the weekend I just end up feeling tired and lonely with no motivation to do anything.  Why?  Because it feels weird being out of the hospital.  Because all my friends are busy with their own crazy rotations and can’t do anything.  Because my girlfriend’s 700 miles away and has her own stuff to deal with.  Because I want to write, but it’s a perishable skill and after a week of not doing it I can only type drivel.  I just feel worn out and crappy.

But that’s going to change.  I only have one more week in soft tissue surgery.  My next rotation after that is Anatomy and Dissection.  This is a self-driven clerkship where you’re capped at working 40 hours a week.  No having to get up at 6 am and rushing to the hospital.  No coming home at 7 only to have to write a surgery report.  No getting told by my supervising clinician that “I get the feeling you think surgery is the scariest thing in the world.”  The next three weeks shall be gloriously laid back and I can finally get all the stuff done I need to.

What is all this stuff?  I always feel the need to list out and schedule all the things I have on my plate.  Since I have a blog that I need to update and I don’t have the energy to write about anything else, here’s all the stuff I’m going to get done over the next month. Continue reading On Getting My Stuff Together

On Screenwriting

My foray into screenwriting began, quite expectedly, with fanfiction.  Specifically, it began two and a half years ago in response to a single wonderful review.


The review in question.  This is for Chapter Ten: A New Home, from my favorite fanfic I wrote titled Pushing Through.

Of all the reviews I have ever gotten, this touched me the most.  Growing up, I’d always distantly dreamed of becoming a TV writer.  I figured I’d be really good at it; I think one of my strongest suits as a writer is quickly coming up with a lot of ideas for stories.  Obviously, this would translate well to crafting TV episodes.  I never figured I would ever become one; even as a child I knew it was nearly impossible to break into any aspect of showbusiness.  So it remained a far-away fantasy until April 17th, 2012.  My first thought after reading that review was, “I would be a good writer for Jimmy Neutron.” Continue reading On Screenwriting