On Paranoia & Procrastination

This post is about my debut novel, Paranoia. Today I’m going to discuss the crazy process of writing this book and give you all the basics about it.  I promise there are no spoilers in this post; everything plot-related I discuss is mentioned in the book’s description on Amazon.

My insanely long and complicated path to writing my first original novel began early in the winter of 2007, during my senior year of high school.  It was one of those boring days in English class where we were lounging around and allowed to do whatever we wanted.  It had been just over a year since I’d finished what I intended to be my last fanfiction story, The Final Battle.

Final Battle

Ah yes, the accurately titled The Final Battle, which spawned two sequels. Continue reading On Paranoia & Procrastination


On Screenwriting

My foray into screenwriting began, quite expectedly, with fanfiction.  Specifically, it began two and a half years ago in response to a single wonderful review.


The review in question.  This is for Chapter Ten: A New Home, from my favorite fanfic I wrote titled Pushing Through.

Of all the reviews I have ever gotten, this touched me the most.  Growing up, I’d always distantly dreamed of becoming a TV writer.  I figured I’d be really good at it; I think one of my strongest suits as a writer is quickly coming up with a lot of ideas for stories.  Obviously, this would translate well to crafting TV episodes.  I never figured I would ever become one; even as a child I knew it was nearly impossible to break into any aspect of showbusiness.  So it remained a far-away fantasy until April 17th, 2012.  My first thought after reading that review was, “I would be a good writer for Jimmy Neutron.” Continue reading On Screenwriting

On Veterinary School

Seeing as how my first two posts were about writing, I figured it’s time to share something about vet school.  Before I get into the specifics of my time at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, I should cover the basics of vet med.

So, what does it take to become a veterinarian?  Usually, it takes 8 years of schooling after high school.  Nearly everyone in vet school has an undergraduate degree in some sort of science concentration.  We’ve all had to take classes such as organic chemistry, animal genetics, and microbiology.  Once you’re in your final year of undergrad you can apply to vet school.

This is hard. Continue reading On Veterinary School

On Inspiration & Acceptance

When I was about twelve years old, I was sitting beside my aunt’s pool.  My aunt, an extraordinarily generous and loving woman, is also gay.  I, a somewhat generous and loving man, am not.  That has a lot of bearing on this story.

So there we sat as my mother and sister were swimming.  My aunt and I were enjoying the sun and sipping our drinks when she rather bluntly stated, “Ryan, it’s okay that you’re gay.”

Huh. Continue reading On Inspiration & Acceptance

On Fanfiction

Buckle your seat belts, everybody.  I expect my first real post to be a long one.  I’m going to talk about my history as a writer, my first major source of inspiration, and my thoughts on fanfiction.

I’ve always considered myself a writer.  I think it started when I was in second grade and won a city-wide writing competition.  I had no idea they even had those; I still find it a little odd such a thing existed for that grade.  At any rate, I won for a short story about a dinosaur getting stuck in the present day.  A scientist brought the dinosaur back to the prehistoric era with a time machine.

That was it.  I like to think I’ve come a long way from those days.  But for the next seven years, I barely wrote anything except for what was required of me in school.  I remember penning a short two page original story later on in elementary school, but that’s about it.  In order to understand what drove me to write in earnest, you need to understand something about my childhood.  I’ll make it quick and interesting, I promise. Continue reading On Fanfiction

It Begins

I’m finally starting a blog.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and talking, whether or not anyone is listening.  You’d think a blog would be perfect for me.  You can write a post whenever you feel like it, make it whatever length you like, and just do whatever you want.  A blog is perfect for me, but tons of other projects have gotten in the way the past few years.

We’ll get to those.

First you should know something about me.  My name’s Ryan Fortier.  I’m a 24 year-old veterinary student, novelist, and aspiring screenwriter.  I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend who’s double-majoring in psychology and music.   My veterinary interest is small animal.  My screenwriting project is an animated sci-fi children’s series.  My debut novel just premiered on Amazon (we’ll definitely get to that soon) and is a psychological thriller.  In my spare time that I don’t spend writing, I also love video games.  Anything that has a strong story or lets me blow stuff up is up my alley; I prefer games that combine the two.

I’m just starting my clinical rotations at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, so I don’t have too much free time these days.  I’ll try to get to this blog whenever I have a spare hour or two and I need a break from school or my other writing projects.

So, those are the basics about me.  With that out of the way, now we can get to the fun posts.