“Buried” – An Original Poem

A quick poem I made up.  I’m not great at poetry but figured I’d give it a shot.  Heavily inspired by the song Do You Feel It? by Chaos Chaos and the below scene from Rick and Morty.


Would it be better

To lie defeated

Six feet under the ground?

Than to keep on trying

And keep on failing.

I’m sick of hearing those sounds

That you all make

Whenever you see me.

It tears my heart in two.

“You know we love you.”

“You know we need you.”

I know that it’s not true.

How could I trust that?

How could I listen?

When all that I can feel

When I look at the mirror

Is the urge to run from me.

Every single breath

Is a sharp pain in the lungs.

Every single step

Is a promise undone.

“I will be better.”

“I will be whole.”

Every word is a lie.

How could you love me?

How could you need me?

When I am broken inside.

Death is waiting.

Death is coming.

A new and welcome friend.

He knocks at my door.

So against my temple

I place a barrel of steel.

Its grip is icy

One last sensation

To tell me this is real.

No celebrations.

No hesitation.

The decision is done.

I pull the trigger.

He takes my hand.

My new and dearest friend.

He guides me home.

And my useless vessel

Lies six feet under the ground.


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I'm a 24 year-old veterinary student, novelist, & aspiring screenwriter. I'm trying out this blogging thing in my spare time.

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