Script Excerpts from Officially Proposed 4th Season of Jimmy Neutron

Last week, the internet went berserk over an announcement that Nickelodeon was considering reviving several of its 90s Nicktoons.  Such Nicktoons they’ve reportedly considered reviving are Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and Angry Beavers.  Some have reported that these and other Nicktoons will come together in an “Avengers Style” movie.  Of course, this information is all still new.  Facts are few and rumors are racing through the community.

These shows are all of course classics and worthy of new life (as long as they are given as much care and effort that their previous incarnations received).  Yet for me and tens of thousands of others, there’s one show we are deeply saddened to not see on this list.  That, of course, would be The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

stranded image

I’ve previously written how I spent a solid year trying to revive Jimmy Neutron.  The quick version is that myself, two writing partners (Ed and Saundra), and two former directors of Jimmy Neutorn (Mike Gasaway & Keith Alcorn) teamed up to create a plan for a fourth season of Jimmy Neutron, as well as four complete scripts.  Ed, Saundra, and myself had several ideas on how to bring Jimmy back while breathing fresh life into it. Mike, Keith, and several writers from the show helped bring our scripts up to snuff and ensure we kept the old spirit of the show alive.

Essentially, our goal was to show the Jimmy Neutron gang not only continue to strengthen their friendships, but also realize that they were truly a family.  Over this season the kids would have discovered how much they needed each other as they encountered both old and new villains.  These villains may be planning something bigger than the kids have ever faced, but the children are also worried about fifth grade ending and everything changing as they prepare for middle school.  And of course, Jimmy and Cindy’s dynamic continues to evolve as they begin to realize there is little point in continuing to pretend they hate each other.

In short, everyone involved in this project (which we dubbed Operation Phoenix) wanted to capitalize on every ounce of potential and magic the old JN series had.  We did our best to exemplify this in our four scripts, which we filled with action, humor, hints of romance, and even a few heartbreaking moments the likes of which JN had never before explored.

One of these scripts, titled Deep Impacts, was planned to be the fourth season premiere.  In this episode, Jimmy brings his entire class to the moon to watch an asteroid impact its surface (after making a few jokes about how Summer Break felt like it lasted 10 years, of course).  This turns out to be the perfect cover for one of Jimmy’s old nemeses to strike, and the kids must band together in unique ways to take this villain down.

Another episode, titled Three’s a Crowd, dealt with Cindy and Betty shelving their feud once and for all.  When Cindy finds out that Jimmy has invited Betty into his lab over Spring Break, she can’t hold back her jealousy and confronts her arch-nemesis in the laboratory.  Unfortunately, Jimmy’s security system is on the fritz and the girls are attacked by an army of Jimmy’s robots.  If they’re going to survive, they have to learn to work together.  This won’t be easy, because Betty forces Cindy to finally admit why she actually hates her.

Despite having finished these scripts over two years ago, we’ve kept them secret on the off chance that Nickelodeon ever changed their mind about our revival effort.  With a recent shake-up in Nickelodeon’s executives and their new interest in reviving old materials, we now think it’s time to garner more interest in our effort.

Here are two five-page page excerpts from our scripts.  The first is from Deep Impacts.  The second is from Three’s a Crowd.  I’ve also copied each page from the script below in case you don’t want to leave this blog.  While obviously these have not (yet) been made into actual episodes and Nickelodeon has not (yet) renewed Jimmy Neutron for a fourth season, they were fully approved by Jimmy Neutron’s co-creator and a former director of the show.  We only ask one thing in return.

If you like these scripts, want to see more of them, and love Jimmy Neutron, please pass them along.  Share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever.  Upvote the posts that share them on Reddit.  Post them on Nickelodeon’s pages.  Or just talk about them.  If people love these things and want more, we might release further excerpts or whole scripts to keep the momentum going and attract more attention from Nick.

We fully understand that this plan has a very low chance of success.  But it requires minimal effort from all involved, and we doubt there will ever be a better time to show Nickelodeon that there is still an audience for Jimmy Neutron.

Whether or not Jimmy Neutron is picked up, helping to write these scripts and plan a fourth season of Jimmy Neutron was one of the best times of my lives.  I was so blessed to have such a great writing crew and receive so much help from the old JN team.  They truly are some of not only the most talented people in their field, but also the kindest.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your support.

Update: The full script for the proposed episode “Three’s A Crowd” is now available.  Read the blog post about it here and read the script here!  As always, please share your thoughts and spread the script around if you loved it.

Deep Impacts Excerpt

deep impacts 1

Page 1; click to enlarge

deep impacts 2

Page 2

deep impacts 3

Page 3

deep impacts 4

Page 4

deep impacts 5

Page 5

Three’s a Crowd Excerpt


Page 1


Page 2


Page 3


Page 4


Page 5


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40 thoughts on “Script Excerpts from Officially Proposed 4th Season of Jimmy Neutron”

  1. Would you be willing to retell your story, experience, and ideas on a podcast? We’d love to be able to interview you and bring more light to not only this story, but any other things you have going on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like the “Deep Impacts” script! I haven’t read the “Three’s a Crowd” yet, but I will. Any chance you have the full scripts? I’d really like to see them. Thanks so much!

    And one more thing. JIMMY NEUTRON FOREVER!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh I hope Nickelodeon has told you they might do it/revive the show in the future. These scripts are really well written! I would love for Jimmy Neutron to have 1 more season.


    1. I’m really glad you liked them. I’ve been super busy at my job but sometime this week I will be posting a full script for you guys to read. Please let me know what you think after I post it!


  4. Hello I was saw the podcast and think that asking that guy for some help can’t hurt. And when and you get that book out it could give enough exposure that Nickelodeon would have to notice you. And the next time you contact Nickelodeon make sure to add that you have some the cast and crew on your side including Debby Derryberry. And planet sheen was not a full Jimmy nuetron revival effort. It didn’t do well because it only had sheen from the original show. And i love your scripts, give them another chance reply soon good luck.


      1. Unfortunately, I have moved on to other projects. Being chief of staff of a veterinary hospital takes up most of my time, and what spare moments I do have go towards editing my novel The Ripple Effect (and some video games). One day Ed and I may release our final 3 JN scripts – we are saving them on the off chance that Nickelodeon ever wants to use them. Thanks for your comment!


      2. I hope you luck! Jimmy neutron was my favourite childhood show, and seeing it come back would be awesome! I hope you’re able to convince Nickelodeon. One day thanks to you, jimmy neutron will be coming back! I know it!


  5. hi I’ve heard rumors of Jimmy neutron taking place in the 1950s. Much of it is due to some of the old fashion things seem in the show such as fashion and old cars and tv. however that can’t be the case because in the show, they have high speed interne, compute, CD players, cellphones. In addition they have websites and they talk about the MacarenA. And in king of Mars, the Martians mention that humans have been sending probes to Mars and that didn’t happen until the 60s or 70s. I honestly think it takes place in the early 2000s what’s your take?


    1. It actually does take place in the 2000s but it’s called Retroville, and they tend to make things retro, like 50s stuff. I’m not even joking, it was confirmed somewhere but I can’t find the sources.

      So yeah you were correct. It does indeed take place in the 2000s. Besides, why would a town from the fifties be called “Retroville”? It wouldn’t be retro at that time. It would be new.


  6. Hey! Left a comment a few months back (my God, time flies), and I really enjoy the scripts, mostly Deep Impacts. I’ve been hard at work making a Jimmy Neutron fan reboot project for YouTube, and I’m still planning out some episodes, while the first episode and intro are completed. Since I’m working out some episode ideas, and I’m lazy as heck, I’d like to know if I can use some elements from Deep Impact’s script for an episode. I will give credit, and link to here on the video page, so may I please use some story elements for an episode? 😀


  7. This is amazing! Jimmy neutron was one of the best shows in my opinion. Nothing would make me happier than to see it return. (And what a perfect joke with the spring break!) I hope you guys continue to work cause it is much appreciated and I pray I can see this show resume as soon as possible!


  8. I don’t get so are you guys waiting for Nickelodeon to give you the green light for production? I read somewhere that because the movie was so successful they gave it its own show, so I bet if an equally successful second movie was you guys would the show back. But realistically it ain’t gonna happen unless the original creators and producers push hard or something. Oh well, we can always hope


  9. Matteo Pepe, my blogs “On Screenwriting” & “The Beanholes – a Podcast about the proposed fourth season of Jimmy Neutron” explains the process in a bit of detail. Basically Nick explained that they were only interested in reviving old nicktoons if they could be changed in some way (such as All Grown Up) and that they thought JN had been concluded with Planet Sheen.


    1. damn, maybe one day they’ll revisit the idea of bringing it back. Really hoping the shows that Nick are currently bring back do very well because it will encourage them to bring more shows back and maybe then they would bring back JN.


  10. Nickelodeon must bring JN back on TV because it’s not fair if the other shows from 90’s are getting revived but not Jimmy Neutron. The show had got cancelled 2006, and you guys have spent years trying to get it back but the studio won’t and you guys created Planet Sheen which is not so good a Jimmy Neutron and it can’t be the conclusion of Jimmy Neutron without putting all the characters besides one in return they were wrong! Man, I’m very disappointed at them for not putting it back on TV. Let’s hope they call you back and let you know if they’re going to either continue on the 4th season or reboot it. I just want to see it come back.


  11. Hello @quietthinker1 Do you know about the petition from Brittany Campbell? I think that someone should spread it all over the 10 clips on YouTube from the movie The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and if it gets a lot of feedback Nickolodeon could potentially accept it.


      1. I hope they change their minds. This and Regular Show were my favorite child hood shows and the way how that show finished up makes me angry how Nickelodeon “Concluded it with Planet Sheen”. That was idiotic for them to say and how did the movie “Ant Bully” end DNA Productions? Were their ratings really bad and did Nickolodeon look for more productions after DNA or just didn’t care about looking for anything?

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  12. I am an 18 year old High School Graduate soon to be going to Marine Boot Camp. It took me almost 10 years to find someone selling the entire series of Jimmy Neutron and I have been on a binge streak of the series the first day it got to my house. My mom told me she loves the fact that she can walk by my room and hear cartoons coming from my TV at the age of 18. Jimmy Neutron had changed my life entirely. I connected with the show immensely. I am also a story teller and love character developments in shows and movies. Jimmy Neutron, and many other people can agree, is one of those shows that you just can never forget. It is one of those shows that have you connect with every single character. I loved every aspect of the show, every idea, every adventure, and anything else that I can possibly think of. I have recently been looking around to see if the show has ANY chance of returning, after reading something about Nickelodeon bringing back old shows. I stumbled across this website and this forum and was legitimately about to cry when you had stated that you were writing scripts for a return.

    To bring this comment to a short, if you are able to bring back my childhood, I don’t know how else I would be able to thank you besides crying from happiness. As you stated, it has a very low chance of becoming a success, but there is always a possible chance. I have to remind myself not to give my hopes up, but if your team has the dedication and motivation to bring back such an amazing childhood creation, I am going to support you 110%!!

    Please. Bring back my childhood!


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! I want to assure you I truly believe I did EVERYTHING I could to try to bring this show back. Hopefully it eventually works, but even if it doesn’t it was an incredible experience. If you want more JN material, I hope you consider reading my fanfics (the later and better written ones, at least). If you do please let me know what you thing. Also feel free to message me on Facebook about the show or any other JN stuff – I always love hearing from other fans.



  13. I don’t get this.
    Season 1,2&3 are airing in Nigeria’s Nickelodeon. I dunno about the rest of Africa.

    You could try patreon. But that’s a really long longshot to a million dollars.


  14. Maybe somebody should create a new petition asking the people who run Nickelodeon to test interest in a Jimmy Neutron revival by asking Mr. John A. Davis, Mr. Keith Alcorn and other people who helped bring the original J.N. productions (especially including the original pilot, “Runaway Rocketboy,” as well as the 2001 theatrical movie, the 2002-2006 TV series, and the spin-off, “Planet Sheen”) to life to help them (the people who run Nickelodeon) create a TV movie that stars Jimmy, Sheen, and many (if not all) of their co-stars from their shows and movies, as well as at least a few new characters.

    Maybe support of that idea can be encouraged by the success that hypothetically should follow the releases of “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” (which has already been released), “Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling,” and the upcoming “Invader Zim” TV movie.

    How does that idea sound, Ryan?


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