An Exercise in Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is typically defined as a story under 1,000 words.  It can be a great writing exercise forcing you to cram every aspect of a good story (characters, setting, plot, prose) in as concise a manner as possible.  Perhaps the most famous and extreme example of this genre is the following six-word story commonly attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I’ve been feeling pretty glum the past week and have wanted to write a blog post, but I haven’t had the energy or focus.  So I figured I’d just quickly practice my writing by trying to write a few heart-breaking  stories in ten words or less.  Hopefully at least one succeeds.

  • My first love.  I’ll always miss what we never had.
  • “Don’t go,” I begged.  With clear regret, she stayed.
  • Her fire lit my life.  Her ashes darkened my skies.
  • I must hold him.  My child.  So perfect.  So cold.
  • Failing beats never trying?  Now my dream is forever gone.
  • With no one left to hear, Earth’s last child cried.

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I'm a 24 year-old veterinary student, novelist, & aspiring screenwriter. I'm trying out this blogging thing in my spare time.

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