On Getting My Stuff Together

I’m tired.


Something sarcastic…The Happening’s bad…meh.

More specifically, I’m tired of working 55 hour weeks in the hospital, knowing that I have a ton of other stuff to do, and having no energy to do all of it.  When I get home between 6 and 7 at night on weekdays, I just want to screw around on Reddit for an hour and then go to sleep.  I keep saying I’ll do all the things on Saturday and Sunday, but on the weekend I just end up feeling tired and lonely with no motivation to do anything.  Why?  Because it feels weird being out of the hospital.  Because all my friends are busy with their own crazy rotations and can’t do anything.  Because my girlfriend’s 700 miles away and has her own stuff to deal with.  Because I want to write, but it’s a perishable skill and after a week of not doing it I can only type drivel.  I just feel worn out and crappy.

But that’s going to change.  I only have one more week in soft tissue surgery.  My next rotation after that is Anatomy and Dissection.  This is a self-driven clerkship where you’re capped at working 40 hours a week.  No having to get up at 6 am and rushing to the hospital.  No coming home at 7 only to have to write a surgery report.  No getting told by my supervising clinician that “I get the feeling you think surgery is the scariest thing in the world.”  The next three weeks shall be gloriously laid back and I can finally get all the stuff done I need to.

What is all this stuff?  I always feel the need to list out and schedule all the things I have on my plate.  Since I have a blog that I need to update and I don’t have the energy to write about anything else, here’s all the stuff I’m going to get done over the next month.


I’ve tried promoting my debut novel Paranoia on facebook, ebook forums, and this blog, but I’m still selling less than one copy a day on average.  I’ve always hoped that getting bloggers to review my book would drive up sales and awareness, and this month I should be getting a few more in.  I’ve already gotten two reviews, but one of them is the strangest thing I’ve ever read.

review of paranoia

Got five stars, though.

The other review was much more readable, but these two posts haven’t done much to drum up my traffic.  I’m going to wait for the next few reviews to come in, then take the plunge and do some paid advertising.  Nothing major, probably just $100 worth of ads on Goodreads to get the ball rolling.  I still don’t expect to get rich off this novel, but I at least want some people to read and enjoy it.  Hopefully this investment will help make that happen.


Last week I got in my new favorite thing.  Late in January my writing partner Ed and I hired Nate Lovett, an insanely talented and very reasonably priced artist, to make a piece of concept art for our TV show Continuum.  We have a fully edited show bible and pilot script, but we felt we needed some artwork to both make our documents more visually appealing and show how professional we are.  Ed and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Final Continuum Concept Art

VIC and Kali, ready to travel through time and kick ass.

Now that we finally have everything we need, we can start sending out our materials to everyone in show business.  We need to mail this stuff out to networks, agents, and basically every creator, director, and writer of every show we’ve ever admired.  We got super lucky in the past by finding a bunch of screenwriters and directors who were willing to help us revive Jimmy Neutron.  Hopefully now that we have even more experience and professional documents under our belt, we can find more people who are willing to take a chance and help bring Continuum to life.


I’m three chapters and 16,000 words into Continuum‘s novelization, but I haven’t continued it in 2 weeks.  Like I said above, it’s just hard to write creatively and effectively when you can’t do so regularly.  I actually tried to write another chapter today, but it just wasn’t coming out right.  Once I’m not so drained from always being in the hospital and can find time to write at least every couple days, this should come pretty easy.  I can’t wait to tear through this manuscript and get to the awesome car chases and gun battles I have planned.


Surprisingly, this isn’t for the myriad of mental problems I’ve already listed in this blog.

Sweet, sweet Sertraline Hydrochloride has remedied most of those issues.

I made a promise to my girlfriend before I left for school this December that I’d set up a therapy session to help me with my confidence and confrontation issues.  I’ve always had a hard time standing up for myself and, more importantly, her.  I tend to let people steamroll over me and those I care about, and I know I need to fix that.  Especially since I’m working in the hospital now and need to be able to deal with difficult clients.  So since this next rotation leaves me with more free time, I need to set up some therapy sessions with MSU’s counseling center and try to learn to stand up for myself and Louise.  It’s not something I’m proud to admit I have to work on, but it needs to be done.


As I might have said a few times before, Jimmy Neutron has always played a big role in my life.  It helped me deal with the problems I had with my childhood, inspired me to write, and was the catalyst for me developing Continuum.  Yet in spite of me having been a part of the fandom for ten years, I’ve never read what is considered to the ‘holy grail’ of Jimmy Neutron fanfiction.  That would be Margaret Anne’s nearly 200,000 word story The Other Side of Tomorrow.

I always felt in competition with Mara.  We’re both the same age, went to school in Rhode Island, were immensely inspired by Jimmy Neutron, had a lot of recognition in the Jimmy Neutron fanfiction community, and wrote emotional sagas where the Jimmy Neutron characters traversed the galaxy and faced threats far greater than those they experienced in the cartoon.  Yet I’ve never gotten around to reading her magnum opus.  I want to finally remedy that.


I hate how I keep coming up with more new ideas for my 300,000 word Final Battle fanfiction series.  The whole overall story wrapped up nicely, but have several ideas for a new book that would continue all of the themes I explored, advance the mythos, and keep from just seeming like a needless sequel.  Basically, I want there to be a growing faction of Yolkians called the Redeemers who want to assassinate King Thimitch and return Yolkus back to its war-hungry, anti-human state.  When King Thimitch invites Jimmy and his friends to Yolkus for a peace summit, the Redeemers attack.  To solidify Earth and Yolkus’ alliance, humans and Yolkians must fully fight side by side for the first time.  With new suits of individually-tailored armor that makes Jimmy and his friends even more deadly than before, this group finally earns Yolkus’ trust and struggles to wipe out a deadly new threat.

But I simply don’t have time to write this thing.  I have to focus on original writing, so this story needs to stay just a daydream.


I’ve really enjoyed writing a blog.  It’s a great opportunity to keep my writing sharp and get some things off of my chest.  Now that I won’t be drop-dead tired every day after school, I should be able to get back to updating every couple days.  Here’s some of the posts I hope to write over the next month:

  • Finally write about The Halo series, probably via a list of my favorite moments
  • Write in depth about my fanfiction career and how I feel about all the different stories I wrote
  • Go over my feeling on this country’s pathetic and crippling education system (including college debt)
  • Explain how my upcoming spay and neuter day, where I’ll be doing five surgeries by myself this Tuesday, goes.
  • Write a blog post with Ed as he watches The Happening for the first time.

Happening poster.jpg

Yes, I finally will do a full post on this piece of crap.

  • Do a guest blog post on fashion or styling products (which I know nothing about) on my girlfriend’s blog, while she does a post reviewing a TV show on this blog.
  • Write a post where I go over Blink 182’s album history and how much I love this band.

So yeah, I hope to finally kick things into high gear next month.  I’ve got a lot to do but I should have the time and energy to get it done.  Until then it’s back to preparing for surgery.


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I'm a 24 year-old veterinary student, novelist, & aspiring screenwriter. I'm trying out this blogging thing in my spare time.

2 thoughts on “On Getting My Stuff Together”

  1. I think with your serious career, the writing will often take a backseat. While I’m not a reader of your blog, I just hope you get a break. I have a very medical family that never has time for entertainment and they’re always so tired or stressed out. Enjoy your new free time. 🙂 As for the Happening. I always love hearing people’s takes on that movie.

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